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Desktop Hosting for
Healthcare Organizations

Healthcare is our focus at Netgain. Our specialized technologists have a thorough understanding of the importance of HIPAA and securing the ePHI our clients entrust to us.  As government mandates continue to drive the adoption of healthcare information technology, EMR hosting and desktop hosting are quickly becoming the preferred models of computing for healthcare organizations.  

Who benefits?

Based on our portfolio of healthcare clients, here are some characteristics of practices that benefit from hosting:

  • Small to mid-sized physician groups, usually privately-owned
  • Don’t have the IT staff to support the growing complexity of their IT environment
  • Can’t afford to hire a full-time IT staff
  • Want standardized, best practice, enterprise-level IT without the costs
  • Have multiple locations and desire reliable connectivity organization-wide
When do practices decide to outsource IT?

Practices most often look to outsource their IT when:

  • Facing a technology or server refresh (every 3-4 years)
  • Looking at implementing an EMR
  • Needing IT talent because their team is overwhelmed or they lost an IT employee
Why do practices decide to host?

Here are some reasons why our clients tell us they decide to host:

  • Lack the IT staff (or their IT staff doesn’t have the required time)
  • Fear data loss, security concerns with ePHI, or compliance issues
  • Want a scalable and flexible solution that allows them to only pay for what they use
  • Eliminate the capital expenses of new servers
  • Lack physical space at their location
  • Avoid risks of being behind on updates, patches, or maintenance
  • Desire a predictable, per month, per user fee 
  • Focus on enhancing patient care rather than managing their IT
What are the benefits of desktop hosting?
  • Reduce capital expenses.  Netgain takes on the responsibility of purchasing and maintaining servers, backups, routers and other depreciating assets so you can invest your capital in other areas.
  • Enjoy unprecedented reliability.  Netgain's system operates on fault tolerant equipment and relies on redundant components and warm spares to ensure that you don't incur downtime.
  • Gain a team of IT professionals.  Netgain’s team of experts and industry partners serve as your experts and advisors as you grow and your IT needs become more complex.
  • Eliminate worry.  Netgain’s security, backup and disaster recovery systems are state-of-the-art and provide you with the most stringent security measures available.
  • Minimize operating expenses. With a monthly fee based on users and applications, you can budget better and pay for only what you need.
  • Have a single point of contact. You no longer need to manage separate vendors for security, hardware, support and other IT needs. Netgain serves as a single point of contact for all your needs.
  • Receive a Virtual Chief Security Officer (vCSO). Your sensitive data is your most important asset, and Netgain works with you to ensure that your data is protected and compliant with today’s regulations. Our vCSO will work with you to provide the reporting you need to meet compliance requirements.
Netgain Continues Market Expansion Plan - Netgain announced January 3rd a swift expansion into California, partnering to assume the clients of an organization shifting its focus away from technology.
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Netgain Passes 2015 SSAE 16 Audit - Netgain received passing marks on the SSAE 16 Type II Security Audit.