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Support Team Analyst

If you feel you're a qualified candidate for the position listed below, please email your resume to, and write "Support Team Analyst" in the subject line.


Analyze and resolve problems with the aim of eliminating recurrences and reducing calls to the help desk.
Problem analysis and resolution

Log all support desk calls

Analyze and resolve problems according to priorities and time frames laid out in the support desk service level agreements, escalating when necessary.

Problem prevention
Fix causes, not just symptoms, doing what is necessary to prevent problems from recurring.


Create/maintain an on-line help desk intranet site containing information on (at least) standards, security policies, technology ordering, and technical hints and tips.

Keep peers and manager informed of trends, significant problems, and unexpected delays.

Keep customers informed of global problems or scheduled downtime. Also, keep them informed of progress on problems that cannot be resolved at point of call.

Call a sampling (approximately 10 percent) of customers back each day to ensure that the problems they had were fixed properly and to solicit feedback and ideas for the support team.

Participate in the corporate procedures meetings providing other team members with data on the impact of any changes or additions to standard procedures.

Take an active role in IT problem and change management meetings with the goal of ensuring that all new and updated systems going into production have as few problems as possible.


Take the training required, technical as well as interpersonal.

Keep up to date on technology and methods.

1. Accuracy and Integrity: Do we do what we say we were going to do? Did we perform according to schedule? Were your expectations met?
2. Availability: Are we responsive to your service requests? Were your applications accessible to you when/where you needed them?
3. Partnership: Did you feel that you were listened to? Did we view the situation from your point-of-view? Did you feel that we understood what you were going through?
4. Advice: Did we help you learn? Were you taught how to better manage your technology more effectively?

  • Relationships with Each Other - Our success is built on teamwork. We communicate openly and truthfully in a timely manner. We encourage constructive feedback. We are helpful and compassionate and have fun together. We want to serve others and treat others the way we want to be treated. We treat clients as though they are a member of our team, and desire long-lasting, meaningful relationships with them.
  • Respect for People - We value each person’s intrinsic value and uniqueness. We acknowledge everyone’s contribution and respect his/her opinions. Our work environment is open, honest, supportive and fulfilling. Our company is built on trust, and we work to earn the trust of the market we serve.
  • Responsibility for Actions and Results - We keep promises. Each person is empowered to make the organization a success and is 100% accountable for his/her actions. We understand that others take action upon our advice so we offer it wisely. We challenge the status quo, promote continuous improvement and reward excellence. We lead by example and do not avoid difficult decisions. We invest in our people and operations for future growth and profit. We meet our commitments to employees, suppliers and clients every day.
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